We make all of our workstations out of T-slot aluminum extrusion profiles, which are sturdy, tough, visually pleasing, and adaptable

When you choose Compuscan Manufacturing, you choose a company that can help you with your workstation from start to finish. Our extensive capabilities enable us to design your workstation in AutoCAD, machine it, kit it and or fully assemble it for you. Want to ship it directly to your customer? Not a problem. We can do that too.


• Machine Guarding

• Work Stations

• Conveyors

• Storage Racks

• Quick Frame Tables

 • Machine Frames

If you are new to T-slot aluminum extrusion and would like a hands-on demonstration of its benefits and applications, we would be happy to visit your facility or have you visit ours.

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Why choose aluminium over steel ?

Compared with steel tubes, extruded aluminum profiles are more expensive. But, the higher material costs are more than offset by lower labour costs for assembling the project.

Steel frames have to be welded. Holes have to be drilled and tapped, and the frame has to be painted. An aluminum extrusion doesn't have to be painted, and it's modular.

Machine Guarding

Machine guarding is a major application for T-Slot aluminum extrusion. Transparent panels and wire mesh can be easily be bolted directly to a machine frame, or the machine can be surrounded by prefabricated screens hung from profiles mounted to secure base plates on the floor. Enclosures can be equipped with doors that swing open on hinges or slide open on linear bearings or casters. Light curtians can easily be mounted on T-Slot aluminium extrusion.


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